Wonolo used Punchcard’s novel insights to re-focus seller time on the highest quality opportunities

Punchcard’s loss intelligence has been invaluable to improving our seller productivity, and getting to higher-quality decisions faster. 

Using our Salesforce & Gong data, Punchcard quickly produced eye-opening new insights on why we lose deals, and how objections vary by segment. The results of their initial diagnostic became a key CEO topic of conversation in the last leadership meeting. 

We’ve since been using Punchcard’s insights across the org — it’s been widely actionable for sales, account management, product, and user research. Previously, we couldn’t analyze missed revenue at scale. Without Punchard, we’d either have to spend hundreds of hours going through calls, or rely on anecdotes to make decisions.

Rolf Ieuter
Senior Director, Strategy & Operations


As a leading staffing platform for front-line workers, sales insights are critical to inform Wonolo’s business strategy and maintain their market position. Understanding customer objections and why deals are lost are crucial pieces of information for sales, account management, and product teams.

Today, “Closed Lost” reasons are marked by sellers in Salesforce (one of the many admin tasks required to maintain data hygiene). This is manual and error-prone. Furthermore, detailed context is hidden away in Gong call transcripts, and difficult to extract and analyze at scale. 

We discovered that most of Wonolo’s marked loss reasons were incomplete, inaccurate, or difficult to act on — the majority marked as “unresponsive” or “timing.” Translating learnings into actionable insights took hours of additional interviews and manual scrutiny. Consequently, important business and product decisions were made based on anecdotal evidence and trying to understand a single lost deal took days of back-and-forth.


Punchcard’s Loss Analyzer quickly extracted loss reasons, details, and semantic context from existing call data using natural language processing.

After ingesting thousands of sales call transcripts, Punchcard provided a dynamic tool to help the Strategy & Operations team:

  • Surface top loss reasons across deals
  • Surface top objections mentioned across deal cycle, with call details and supporting quotes (what the prospect said)
  • Drill-down into firmographics (segment, vertical, geography)

With new, data-driven findings, Wonolo immediately set the following next steps in motion: 

  • Implemented new ‘Closed Lost’ categories and sub-categories in Salesforce
  • Worked with sales leadership to improve objections handling and training for reps
  • Identified where sellers were wasting valuable time on prospects unlikely to convert
  • Improved top of funnel qualification process to focus on highest value customers

Today, Punchcard’s loss intelligence has now been used across Wonolo’s organization to get to data-driven decisions faster, focus rep time on higher quality opportunities, and increase seller productivity.