Loss & Churn Intelligence

Punchcard’s proprietary analyzer ingests 1,000s of call recordings in minutes, and tells you why you've lost prospects or churned customers. Get summaries, alerts, and insights — supported by quotes straight from the customer.
Stop losing deals that you should be winning. Stop wasting rep time on lost causes. Stop chasing AE anecdotes.
Get the data and insights you need, all in one place. No engineering required.
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Cut through the noise. Sell and grow faster.


Punchcard captures key quotes, identifies the real loss or churn reason, and overlays granular firmographic and pipeline data. Easily slice and dice to drive the most actionable insights.


Punchcard summarizes key information at the opportunity and account-level, empowering you to inspect what prospects and customers say across call, email, and chat interactions.

CRM Updates

Punchcard updates your fields automatically so you don’t have to rely on manual updates, and out-of-date notes.


Punchcard automates Slack notifications to flag at-risk deals and accounts, so you can jump in before it's too late.