Punchcard improved AtoB’s rep productivity by 150% and saved dozens of valuable hours

During our last planning process, we used Punchcard to verify hypotheses around sales performance. Assembling, transforming, and analyzing the required data would have taken 20+ hours and distracted us from the planning exercise.

Verifying our hypotheses required establishing baselines for productivity, conversion, and the impact of a sales representative on the sales process for a new product. While all the required data could be found in our tools – SFDC, Salesloft – we bumped up against reporting constraints, and there wasn’t enough time in the day to do it ourselves. 

Luckily, we had Punchcard. While the baselines it provided were powerful, we were most impressed by how the tool helped us take action on improving operational efficiency. Their analysis highlighted which opportunities were worth pursuing, and which were not. This meant we could give more precise guidance to sales managers, which resulted in a 1.5x increase in productivity and reduced wasted seller time.

Wensheen Tong
Head of Growth Operations


As the Stripe for transportation, AtoB offers an integrated financial platform around its core fuel card product for truckers. Sellers engage with customers across the high-velocity funnel to drive adoption, ranging from helping prospective customers through the application process to helping existing customers finish their account setup and begin transacting on their cards. 

AtoB was handling large volumes of data from Salesforce and Salesloft. After seeing a wide variance of seller performance, they wanted to pinpoint why some sellers were more effective than others, or what were the key attributes of calls and emails that led to success. They also needed to understand how to make the most of a small sales teams’ time, given the large volume and high velocity nature of their sales motion.

However, the team was constrained on time and resources while the data and engineering team was focused on building proprietary products. Aside from removing team members from in-flight growth projects or critical keep-the-lights-on tasks, there was no easy way to get these modeled insights quickly.


Punchcard’s proprietary data models and out-of-the-box reports surfaced insights that would’ve otherwise taken a team of revenue analysts & data engineers to construct. Instead of adding more headcount, or diverting attention away from product development, AtoB’s Growth Ops team used Punchcard to automate those insights.

Punchcard provided a dynamic tool to help the Growth Operations team understand:

  • Key activity attributes that led to success and faster time-to-first transaction (e.g., timing of rep interaction across deal cycle, automated vs. customized emails, activity volume)
  • Key signals to score opportunities that are higher quality, and more likely to convert (e.g., deal age, last contact)
  • Establish baseline, such as the impact of a rep as compared to self-serve 

With these new insights readily available, AtoB’s sales team could take action on the following:

  • Change qualification process to prioritize rep time on higher quality opportunities and remove those with low likelihood to convert
  • Unlock precise guidance for Sales Managers to direct reps to the highest value activities, and timing of those activities
  • More confidently establish baselines for forecasting in bottoms-up modeling, and track adherence to baselines

Overall, the Ops team saved dozens of valuable hours that were better spent on refining the application funnel for a new product, rebuilding compensation plans, and building process improvements. Furthermore, rep productivity improved by 150% (measured by first transaction).